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04/10/2015 07:02
Edgar's games are top notch and loads of fun. Thx 4 that Edgar and RIP. You'll be missed.

04/08/2015 12:34
Edgar Vigdal - Thnx 4 Deluxe Galaga. Rest in Peace.

04/05/2015 07:50
Happy Easter, you wascally wabbits Smile

03/21/2015 10:42
Hi randyz48, Look for the Icaros distro on the Web Links page.

03/21/2015 05:46
where can i download aros iso and which version of aros is best to use for a newbie? i want to put it on a machine by itself

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Podcast: Amicast 4: interview with Pascal PaparaPrint


On this episode you will hear about AROS, open source solution for NG Amigas. You will get know variety options of AROS like Raspberry Pi and more stuff: AmiCloud, Indiecoins and Indiego - all connected with Pascal Papara.

FUSE File System Bounty Restarted.Print


In December 2014, Fredrik 'salass00' Wikstrom started working on implementing the FUSE-framework to AROS. It is a complete adaption of the filesysbox.library and not just a recompilation of the version for AmigaOS-4.

According to a statement, the due date (May 31st) cannot be achieved. So far $202 has been donated to the bounty. Krzysztof 'deadwood' Śmiechowicz has offered to double each donation until $500 has been reached.

Demo version of Wings BattlefieldPrint


WingsBattlefieldAfter the release of the preview video in December, Cherry Darling has released a demo version of "Wings Battlefield". The game emulates the air fight sequences of the Cinemaware classic Wings - now with up to four players.

AROS Vision 2.9.3 RTGPrint


avisionMajor changes in version 2.9.3 in Olaf Schönweiß's AROS/68k distribution Aros Vision RTG are that MESA/Gallium is activated by default and that it uses Zune instead of MUI (MUI can be activated if necessary).

MESA/Gallum needs 256 MB RAM, works only with more than 16 Bit colour depth. It is still slow but it works. The maintainer hopes this will motivate 68k developers to help with further work. Since Zune is now used as standard, more and more AROS applications can be integrated in future.


  • All system files updated
  • Zune and MESA/Gallium activated
  • Netsurf updated (much faster)
  • Themes added
  • Development (GCC) updated
  • Most files from contrib/ports (Aros) integrated
  • ZuneView added
  • OWB (old AROS port) works again
  • FlashMandelNG added
  • Free Pascal updated (to version 3.1)
  • AmiBlitz updated (newest snapshot)
  • WHDLoad updated


Hollywood: APPBuilder 1.0Print


AppBuilderThe APPBuilder simplifies it compiling Hollywood-programs. Using its user-interface you can choose the target platform or the required plugins with a mouse click, including AROS (screenshot). You can also choose non-Hollywood components which are supposed to be added - e.g. readme files.

The finished project can be compressed as archive if 7-Zip is installed on the computer. APPBuilder is shareware but fully usable without registration. It can be downloaded HERE as well as from the IndieGO!-appstore.

04/05/2015 : Updated to version 1.1

  • Fixed a critical bug that was preventing the build process for source and/or destination paths containing spaces.

EdiSyn 0.51Print


EdiSynEdiSyn in an editor with Tabs and Syntax highlighting (at the moment for C/C++, HTML and Pascal) for AROS, written in FreePascal with Lazarus. Base on the SynEdit Component of LCL and the ATTabs Component.

Features in version 0.51:
  • Highlighter, C/C++, HTML, Pascal
  • Tabs
  • Recent files, Export Text as HTML (with Properties from Highlighter)
  • Jump to Line
  • Search, Replace, Search in Files, Search in Directory, Regex
  • Copy, Cut, Paste
  • Undo, Redo
  • Free configurable highlighter, key binding, user commands
  • Output parser for GCC and Freepascal (jump to positions)

Bug fixes in 0.52 “Font”

  • ADD: Font Selection
  • FIX: Load HTML Colors
  • FIX: Export HTML

LÖVE 0.8.0 for AROSPrint


loveSzilárd 'BSzili' Biró has ported version 0.8.0 of LÖVE for all NG-systems. It is a framework for 2D-games written in the programming language Lua.

At this LINK you can also download seven games and demos written in LÖVE. Among others Mari0, a Super-Mario-clone, which was completed by the teleportation feature of the Valve-game Portal. You can read an English-language review to four of the LÖVE-games in the blog of Johannes 'Yasu' Genberg.

LÖVE (aka Love2D) 0.9.x version is on hold because it needs a C++11 compiler, SDL2

PasteQuick 0.41, Lyapunov, LazSokobanPrint


Marcus Sackrow has compiled three little Free-Pascal programms for AROS/x86. Additional to the game LazSokoban and a representation of Ljapunow-fractals, using PasteQuick it is possible to copy text from the Clipboard to and to get back the generated Pastebin-link. The login function of PasteQuick is not supported by the AROS-version.

PasteQuick0.41.lha (2 MB)
LazSokoban.lha (2 MB)
Lyapunov.lha (2 MB)

EdiSyn 0.34Print


EdiSynMarcus Sackrow's text editor EdiSyn for AROS/x86 offers tabs as well as syntax highlighting for C/C++ and Pascal. Since our last message mainly the search function has been improved.

Download: EdiSyn_0.34.lha (3 MB)

Epsilon's Blog: Test of AEROS 3.5Print


'Epsilon' has tested the Linux-based AROS-distribution AEROS (free version 3.5) on his Asus-K52F-laptop. The review has many pictures and among others describes the installation as well as the mixed usage of Linux and AROS applications.

Old School Game Blog: Interview with Pascal PaparaPrint


Check out the English-language interview has been conducted with Pascal Papara. He talked about his projects, e.g. the Linux-based AROS-distribution AEROS, and announced focusing on the ARM-architecture to sell it as a commercial "Premium-Version" together with ExaGear to execute x86-applications like Wine under ARM-Linux.


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