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OpenJK update

Szilárd 'Bszili' Biró has updated his OpenJK port. Now it also includes the multiplayer executable.


Older News:


Szilárd 'Bszili' Biró has ported the game OpenJK: Jedi Academy (Wikipedia) for MorphOS, AmigaOS 4 and AROS/x86. At least 512 MB RAM of main memory and a graphics board with at least 32 MB RAM are required (for higher quality textures, 64 MB are recommended).

Bounty-project for improving Wanderer

p2pYou can donate for a bounty project, which is going to improve the AROS-Workbench Wanderer. AROS is supposed to draw level with AmigaOS and additional functions will be used as plugins. The plugin system then can be extended.

68k-Distribution AROS Vision 2.5

VisionOlaf Schönweiß has updated his AROS/68k-distribution AROS Vision. Among others, version 2.5 includes additional Internet software, games and tools and new versions of the integrated development software. 

Most important chages:

  • Poseidon
  • ImageFX 1.5
  • AmiBlitz 3.6 (new snapshot)
  • Additional Amiga-E-Compiler
  • Trog AGA
  • Additional SDL-games
  • Ignition completely works
  • ViewCSV
  • MIDI-file support

There are also some minor optimizations, e.g. the directory "Games/DOS" is automatically connected when DosBox is started.

BOH 5th Anniversary Edition released

BOH4/4/2014: easy to remember, the date of the 5th anniversary of BOH. There is no better way to celebrate the event than releasing a brand-new edition that majestically closes the incredible evolution the game underwent since its original release.

Nano VM 3.2.1

Stefan Pietzonke has released version 3.2.1-2 of his virtual maschine Nano. Unter AROS/i386, the JIT-compiler of Nano is switched off because the author thinks of it as a cause of trouble.

"The new rights management makes it possible to run programs in sandbox mode."

ZuneView 0.2

Yannick Erb has released the picture viewer and editor ZuneView for AROS (Screenshot).

Download: (94 KB)

Email-Client: YAM 2.9 for all Amiga systems

The YAM-Open-Source-team has released version 2.9 of the MUI-based mail programm which, additionalYAM to bug fixes, provides important basics for the future suppport of IMAP. The changes are listed under the title link.

Yet Another Mailer can be downloaded for AmigaOS, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, AROS/x86, AROS/x64 and AROS/PPC.

Game: Fade to Black 1.8

Fade to BlackSerk118uk announced to have released an updated version of the port of Fade to Black. The version now reads 1.8 and Serk118uk made his work available for us to download.

Fade to Black is a single player action adventure game which was originally released by Delphine Software International. The game itself is successor of well-known game Flashback.

In this game you play a character who goes by the name of Conrad Hart and who finds himself imprisoned by the Morphs. From there the player needs to solve and complete different tasks and missions in order to progress the storyline.

The game requires a Aros supported (3D) video card as well as additional data files. Serk118uk provided a very nice installer for the data files as well. In case you encounter any troubles or experience issues with this game then please report them to Serk118uk so he can properly address them. Reports or other comments can be posted here.

Download: Fade to Black 1.8 for Aros/i386 (289 KB)
Download page: Fade to Black data files (518 MB)

Software: ZuneFig 1.1 (r319)

ZuneFigYannickescu announced an update to his ZuneFig project and made his work available for us to download.

ZuneFig is a vector drawing program based on Xfig that started out as port with the name AmiFig. ZuneFig inherited most (if not all) functionality from the original Xfig program.

In this update a bug was removed from the edit window as well as a slight modification for setting the line dimensions and panning can now be done with the middle mouse button (even when no other function is assigned). If you have any questions, remarks, suggestions or otherwise wish to contact Yannickescu then it is possible to do so in this thread.

Download: ZuneFig 1.1 (r319) for Aros/i386 (5,2 MB)

Game: AssaultCube

AssaultCubeMichel 'DMX' Bagmeijer updated his port of AssaultCube to version and uploaded his work to Aminet for us to download.

AssaultCube is a multi-platform, free, and open source first-person shooter that runs on the Cube Engine. Although the main focus of AssaultCube is multiplayer online gaming, a single-player mode consists of computer-controlled bots.

More information about the game can be found on the AssaultCube website and its wiki. Screenshots and other media of AssaultCube can be found here. A special read me for Aros is provided in the archive and describes how to setup this game properly. The required data files are included in the archive.

Download: AssaultCube for Aros/i386 (53 MB)

Game: Sqrxz 2 v1.00

Sqrxz 2Retroguru announced an update to the game Sqrxz 2 to version 1.0, and this release also has an updated port for Aros made by Yannick Erb.

Sqrxz 2 is a so called Jump and Run game, which requires a sharp mind and fast reflexes. The makers of the game guarantees a high level of frustration. The original Sqrxz game was made by Marcus Vesterlund and John Holmvall.

This updated version of the game now features all enhancements from Sqrxz v3 (which includes supporting higher resolutions), a rewritten frame skip, normalization of the sound effects and addition of screen settings amongst others. This game is also available for a lot of other platforms and their respective downloads can be found on the download page of Sqrz2.

Download: Sqrxz 2 version 1.0 for Aros/i386 (960 KB)



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