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Distribution: Aminux 0.02a

Pascal 'Phoenixkonsole' Papara announced the availability of the first public release of his brand new distribution called Aminux.

Aminux is an x86 based microknoppix distribution that automatically boots into the amiga-emulator FS-UAE which on its turn runs Aros Vision.

Sounds complicated ? Not really, as it is one of the easiest ways of running Aros 68k inside an amiga-emulator on an x86 computer. Simply write the download image to an usb-pen drive, insert it into your (x86) machine, and Aros/Amiga emulation is just a boot-sequence away.

Aminux already supports ATI, NVidia and Intel GPU's and works very well with ECS and AGA games. Networking should work 'out of the box', and the stylish FS-UAE interface tops it all off.

Aminux requires a minimal pen drive size (partition) of 4GB and needs to be 'written' by using a tool like dd or winimagewriter.

Video: Pascal shows Aminux running.
Download page: Aminux 0.02a for x86 (1.2 GB)

Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy 2.71rc3

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy 2.71 rc3Szilárd Biró updated his port of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy to match the latest release, and uploaded his work to the archives.

The Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy project (ET:Legacy for short) is a first person multiplayer shooter based on the original source code of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The main goal of the ET:Legacy project is to fix bugs, remove old dependencies and make it playable on all major operating systems while still remaining compatible with the ET 2.60b version and as many of its mods as possible.

Thanks to Szilárd, this new release has brought attention to AROS as well as MorphOS (to which platform he ported this game as well). The change log sums up the changes and the AROS version of the game supports the following mods: etmain, etpub and silent. More detailed information about these mods can be found on this page.

Make sure the required data files are downloaded as well, either by downloading them from the link below (just select your desired OS, but you can always choose to download the *nix version and extract the required files manually) or by using the supplied download script for AROS from Szilárd.

More information about this port can be found in this Wolfenstein thread.

Wiki: ET: Legacy wiki and installation
Download: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy for Aros/i386 (16,8 MB)
Data files: Official website (choose desired OS) and Mods.

Game: Twin Distress 1.1.0

Twin DistressCavemann ported Twin Distress to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

Twin Distress is a color matching puzzle game and is originally written by Keith Frampton.

The objective of this game is to remove all the blocks from the screen before time runs out. Two blocks are removed at a time, and they must be of the same color. After completion of a level, the player is  rewarded with a bonus point for every tick left on the clock. Each level thereafter, the time to complete a level will become shorter and shorter.

Download: Twin Distress 1.1.0 for Aros/i386 (3.3 MB)

Game: nPush 0.7

nPushCavemann ported nPush to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

nPush is a logic game similar to Sokoban and Boulder Dash and uses nCurses to draw it's Ascii graphics. It is a game originally written by David Richmond and Jamie McCloskey.

In this game you need to collect all the gold from the level and reach the exit. To make it hard there are some rocks that stand in your way, but can be blasted away with available dynamite. The main difference from Sokoban, KSokoban and similar games is that you can have multiple player-controlled characters that you can move on the screen.

Download: nPush 0.7 for Aros/i386 (318 KB)

Experimental: (WiP) Icaros Desktop with Magellan (Update)

Paolo Besser announced the (updated) release of a public work-in-progress version of Icaros Desktop.

This is a special experimental release and is only a short while available for download. The release is based on Deadwood's work i.c.w. an early test-release of Directory Opus Magellan which is based on BSzili's work.

This release is not a final version and is not to be used in a production environment nor is it a replacement for a normal Icaros Desktop installation. Other files from and/or to this release cannot be used and shall not be mixed with other distributions.

This release was made in order for us to test and report bugs. It is really necessary for the developers to get some feedback on this release as, so that the developers can address any issues reported.

A direct download link is omitted on purpose because you really should read the announcement from Paolone and/or carefully read and report in this thread.

PS: In case your download software is wondering, the download is about 1.9 GB in size.

Software: (WiP) zOggPlayer 0.2

zOGGPlayerSerk118uk announced that he has released a new version of zOggPlayer and made his work available for us to download.

zOggPlayer is a music player that can play so-called OGG-files. It has a very nice Zune interface that supplies all that is expected from a modern music-player, including play buttons and support for play lists. The player can also take an music file as argument from the command line in order to directly play a music-file.

This is an updated release of zOggPlayer, which now includes a working master volume button and (update) installer. In case you encounter any troubles or issues then please report them to Serk118uk so he can properly address them. Reports or other comments can be posted here.

Download: zOggPlayer 0.2 for Aros/i386 (WiP, 318 KB)

Game: OpenRedAlert r462 (repacked)

OpenRedAlertSerk118uk announced to have released an updated port of OpenRedAlert to Aros and uploaded his work for us to download.

OpenRedAlert is a reimplementation of the game engine of the classic real time strategy game Command & Conquer RedAlert. The OpenRedAlert project is based on the FreeCnc and FreeRA projects, but with more features implemented.

Serk118uk made this (repacked) release because the earlier released version was done a bit in a hurry because of technical difficulties. This release now includes all necessary files plus a fancy installer created by Serk118uk.

More information about this project can be found at Serk118uk's blog-entry and/or in this thread.

Download: Open Red Alert for Aros/i386 (53,8 MB)

Software: ZuneFig 1.0 (v20131104)

ZuneFigYannickescu is constantly working on his ZuneFig project and announced an updated release of ZuneFig 1.0.

ZuneFig is a vector drawing program based on Xfig that started out as port with the name AmiFig. ZuneFig inherited most (if not all) functionality from the original Xfig program.

In this update several issues were addressed including some very important bug fixes that made the program crash under certain conditions. Furthermore, a correction was made when moving a group of objects up/down (objects of more complexity can now be more easily moved around as groups in all axes), the display speed for bitmap objects has been improved, color and gradient definitions have improved, dithering in gradients is now configurable, a bug in the object editing windows was removed, a color picker is now implemented, support for alpha channels coloring was added and a bug leading to random color copying between cells in color windows is removed as well as a bug using antializing with intelGMA video. If you still encounter any problems or issues then please report them in this thread.

Download: ZuneFig 1.0 (v20131104) for Aros/i386 (5,2 MB)

Development: Antiryad Gx v3.2.03

FreePascalArkham Development announced a new bug-fix release of their game-engine Antiryad Gx.

Antiryad Gx is a software development tool for game-creators, including Antiryad IDE which adds an  development environment to aid in the development.

Antiryad Gx' main features include a complete 2d and 3d graphic engine, an integrated editor and tools, support for effects like particle, water and volumetric fog, has a fast collision system, has realtime shadows, supports video codecs for mobile and desktop systems and has a full game framework as well as a network engine.

The engine is highly modular when it comes to other middleware like 3d engine, physic, script language or network library as it can be plugged. Antiryad has a simplified and documented API which is completely platform independent. Its supported languages are C, C++ and Gel (embedded fast and simple script) and supports multiple platforms.

In short: a complete development package for the modern game-creator. It has different licenses and requires a professional license in order to 'unlock' all features, but can easily be used when using an unregistered license or a standard (free) license (which only requires you to register). More information about Antiryad's licensing scheme can be found here.

This is a bug fix release and addresses the following: Driver-related issues with the mouse and screen (AROS), compiler for (iOS/AGX), OpenGL4 initializations (Linux),  gel-language and full screen key F11.

Please note that support for Aros was just recently added and as such could contain errors or otherwise show unexpected behaviour. Please contact Arkham Development in case you are experiencing such things so that they can be addressed and dealt with properly in order to make Aros support even better.

Forums: Arkham Development Forum index
Documentation: Development support.
Download: Download page (Linked archives includes version for AROS).

Hardware: AresOne (late 2013 edition)

Ares Cube SPascal 'phoenixkonsole' Papara announced an updated version of the AresOne computer.

The updated version was necessary to offer a better price/performance ratio. The AresOne computer now offers an Intel G2030 dual-core 3GHZ CPU and specifically targets AROS with a selection of hardware that is most compatible with AROS. But the hardware is also perfectly capable of running other operating systems like Linux and/or Windows. The machine has a Bitfenix Prodigy M case with a 400W power supply, 4GB internal memory (16GB max), a 32GB SATA II SSD harddisk and has several USB ports.

The standard machines comes pre-installed with the latest Icaros Desktop distribution, but at the cost of a little additional fee it is also possible to (pre)install another AROS derivate.

You can order the AresOne computer in the Ares-shop, and more information can be read on the webpage of the AresOne.

Distribution: Ambasa-OS v20130924

Ambasa-OSFatman2021 announced the availability of his special version of Ambasa-OS.

Ambasa-OS is a Linux distribution based off Ubuntu and comes with Wine, Virtualbox (OSE), and KVM/Qemu pre-installed. Fatman2021 provides us with a free version of Ambasa-OS, which comes pre-installed with Aros Vision m68k and the latest Icaros Desktop. As such, this distribution is for example very nice for those people who want to test their software with different Aros environments or use it as a development environment.

Fatman2021 has ambitional plans for Ambasa-OS, because future versions of Ambasa-OS are also going to use components from Debian and Trisquel and will target next generation computers and mobile devices.

There are some hardware requirements that needs to be met in order to be able to run Ambasa-OS to its fullest, so please make sure to read the announcement and see if they can be matched.

Please note that this distribution requires a (default) login, Login: main and Password: password and that you can leave your feedback here on this forum or at aros-exec.

Available download locations are currently limited to a daily download limit, so in case a download limit is reached the download will fail. In that case you are encouraged to simply try the download at another moment in time.

Download page 1 (copy): Ambasa-OS (MD5) for X86 machines (2,89 GB).
Download page 2 (dropbox): Ambasa-OS (MD5) for X86 machines (2,89 GB).



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