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Game: Sqrxz 2 v1.00

Sqrxz 2Retroguru announced an update to the game Sqrxz 2 to version 1.0, and this release also has an updated port for Aros made by Yannick Erb.

Sqrxz 2 is a so called Jump and Run game, which requires a sharp mind and fast reflexes. The makers of the game guarantees a high level of frustration. The original Sqrxz game was made by Marcus Vesterlund and John Holmvall.

This updated version of the game now features all enhancements from Sqrxz v3 (which includes supporting higher resolutions), a rewritten frame skip, normalization of the sound effects and addition of screen settings amongst others. This game is also available for a lot of other platforms and their respective downloads can be found on the download page of Sqrz2.

Download: Sqrxz 2 version 1.0 for Aros/i386 (960 KB)

Compiler: (WiP) Free Pascal + LCL + fpGUI (v20131120)

FreePascalALB42 announced another updated version of his port of Free Pascal, LCL and fpGUI for Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

Free Pascal is a 16/32/64-bit professional Pascal compiler and originally supports many targets, has support for OOP and many extensions that can be expected from a modern compiler. The 2.7.1 version of Free Pascal used in ALB42's package is one from the  experimental branch.

This package comes included with rudimentary LCL implementation, which allows you to create GUI programs using simple Lazarus components. The accompanied fpGUI is a multiplatform toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces and is currently at release 0.8, and is also a work in progress.

This release includes complete rewrites of the most basic units such as exec, dos, intuition and graphics. This release also includes a full release of the updated sources (which can be downloaded from ALB42's FPC webpage) as well as additional documentation that can be used f.e. with FP-IDE. The documentation can also be found online.

Please also note that this is a WiP, so unexpected behaviour can occur. For more support please visit the links to the respective websites that are present in this post, but if you run into trouble you can also contact ALB42 and other Free Pascal users in this thread.

Blog: ALB42 and Free Pascal
Docs: Free Pascal for Aros Wiki, Aros Units Reference manual.
Download: Free Pascal + LCL + fpGUI v20131120 for Aros/i386 (WiP, 44 MB)

Game: Dangen 0.5

DangenCavemann ported Dangen to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

Dangen is a abstract top-down shooter that is originally developed by Oohara Yuuma.

The game is a shoot 'em up that focuses on the accuracy of shooting. With the combination of the cursor key(s) and the fire button, you can shoot sideways and even backwards. The player can get bonus points when the target is hit consecutively. Different stages of difficulty are selectable.

Download: Dangen 0.5 for Aros/i386 (559 KB)

Software: SnapIT 1.2

SnapITOnyxSoft has announced that a new version of their SnapIT utility is available. The utility was uploaded to the archives for us to download as well.

SnapIT is a powerful MUI-based screen grabber and is available for multiple platforms (Aros, MorphOS and OS4). It is the first release of the utility to add support for Aros and OS4.

SnapIT can grab screens as well as windows, but it's also possible to capture a portion of the screen using the mouse. It can write the captures in various formats to disk and has an easy to use interface which also displays the most recent capture.

More information can be read in the accompanied readme (which is also included in the archive).

Download: SnapIT 1.2 for all supported platforms including Aros/i386 (511 KB)

Game: New mission "Stay a While" for BOH The Game

BOHSimone Bevilacqua announced to have released a brand new mission for BOH the game, titled "stay a while".

BOH is a world of claustrophobic, mysterious, puzzle-riddled, dangerous mazes where, surrounded by countless enemies where you hunt the Evil Masters down with the purpose of eliminating them. Determination, concentration and quick reflexes will be your only allies in your desperate mission.

The new mission can be freely downloaded form the BOH download page, section miscellaneous, extra missions. Please note that the official website for this game has changed.

Download: Mission "Stay a While" for BOH The Game (14 KB).

Software: ZuneFig 1.1 (r318)

ZuneFigYannickescu is continuously working on his ZuneFig project and announced an updated release of ZuneFig to version 1.1.

ZuneFig is a vector drawing program based on Xfig that started out as port with the name AmiFig. ZuneFig inherited most (if not all) functionality from the original Xfig program.

In this update several issues were addressed including the addition of a new freehand mode for spline and line drawing (suggested by Manu), the correction of mouse button function indication in ellipse and circle drawing, a correction for elastic display in arc mode while using center drawing functions, a reworked edit and mode windows so that they better fit low-resolutions screens (now 1024x768 is minimal needed to get the best comfort), the addition of AutoSave preferences (includes saving the window positions) and completely reworked sliders in the main drawing window.

If you have some feedback for Yannickescu or otherwise have questions then you can read more about ZuneFig in this thread.

Download: ZuneFig 1.1 r318 for Aros/i386 (5,2 MB)

Bounty: Odyssey Web Browser Bounty Project

OdysseyAnother collaboration (bounty)project has been announced. This time it's all about opening up those parts of the odyssey web browser (from Fab) to be able to get odyssey more up-to-date.

A-Siegel wrote:

The aim of the Odyssey Web Browser Bounty Project is to license a current version of the full-featured Odyssey Web Browser and share it under an open source license so it can be ported to AROS (and AmigaOS).

While the author of the Odyssey Web Browser has previously shared parts of his work entirely for free, which already improved the browser choices on these two platforms by a great deal, these existing ports of Odyssey use an outdated version of the Webkit browser engine and lack key functionality such as the capability to play HTML5 video.

More information about this bounty can be read on the bounty page of Odyssey on the power2people website, and Aros discussion can be read in this thread.

Distribution: Aminux 0.02a

Pascal 'Phoenixkonsole' Papara announced the availability of the first public release of his brand new distribution called Aminux.

Aminux is an x86 based microknoppix distribution that automatically boots into the amiga-emulator FS-UAE which on its turn runs Aros Vision.

Sounds complicated ? Not really, as it is one of the easiest ways of running Aros 68k inside an amiga-emulator on an x86 computer. Simply write the download image to an usb-pen drive, insert it into your (x86) machine, and Aros/Amiga emulation is just a boot-sequence away.

Aminux already supports ATI, NVidia and Intel GPU's and works very well with ECS and AGA games. Networking should work 'out of the box', and the stylish FS-UAE interface tops it all off.

Aminux requires a minimal pen drive size (partition) of 4GB and needs to be 'written' by using a tool like dd or winimagewriter.

Video: Pascal shows Aminux running.
Download page: Aminux 0.02a for x86 (1.2 GB)

Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy 2.71rc3

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy 2.71 rc3Szilárd Biró updated his port of Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy to match the latest release, and uploaded his work to the archives.

The Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy project (ET:Legacy for short) is a first person multiplayer shooter based on the original source code of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. The main goal of the ET:Legacy project is to fix bugs, remove old dependencies and make it playable on all major operating systems while still remaining compatible with the ET 2.60b version and as many of its mods as possible.

Thanks to Szilárd, this new release has brought attention to AROS as well as MorphOS (to which platform he ported this game as well). The change log sums up the changes and the AROS version of the game supports the following mods: etmain, etpub and silent. More detailed information about these mods can be found on this page.

Make sure the required data files are downloaded as well, either by downloading them from the link below (just select your desired OS, but you can always choose to download the *nix version and extract the required files manually) or by using the supplied download script for AROS from Szilárd.

More information about this port can be found in this Wolfenstein thread.

Wiki: ET: Legacy wiki and installation
Download: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy for Aros/i386 (16,8 MB)
Data files: Official website (choose desired OS) and Mods.

Game: Twin Distress 1.1.0

Twin DistressCavemann ported Twin Distress to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

Twin Distress is a color matching puzzle game and is originally written by Keith Frampton.

The objective of this game is to remove all the blocks from the screen before time runs out. Two blocks are removed at a time, and they must be of the same color. After completion of a level, the player is  rewarded with a bonus point for every tick left on the clock. Each level thereafter, the time to complete a level will become shorter and shorter.

Download: Twin Distress 1.1.0 for Aros/i386 (3.3 MB)

Game: nPush 0.7

nPushCavemann ported nPush to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

nPush is a logic game similar to Sokoban and Boulder Dash and uses nCurses to draw it's Ascii graphics. It is a game originally written by David Richmond and Jamie McCloskey.

In this game you need to collect all the gold from the level and reach the exit. To make it hard there are some rocks that stand in your way, but can be blasted away with available dynamite. The main difference from Sokoban, KSokoban and similar games is that you can have multiple player-controlled characters that you can move on the screen.

Download: nPush 0.7 for Aros/i386 (318 KB)



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