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Game: ChangeIt 0.9

ChangeItRobert 'Phibrizzo' Krajcarz released a new updated version of his game ChangeIt and uploaded his work to Aminet for us.

"Change It" is a logical game for the Amiga (and nextgens, including Aros) and is a Bejeweled clone. Unique feature of Robert's version is that there are over 20 themes to choose from and that each theme uses it's own unique items (instead of ordinary gems).

The objective of this game is to swap one item with an adjacent item to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more items. Bonus points are given when chains of more than three identical items are formed and when two chains are formed in one swap. Items disappear when chains are formed and items fall from the top to fill in gaps.

In this update several issues where addressed including bug fixes, addition of new statistics, font-handling improvements and a different command line parameter syntax.

Download: ChangeIt 0.9 for Aros/i386 (19 MB)

Software: jCalc 0.4

Journeyman released the work on his jCalc project and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

JCalc is a calculator written for Aros and that uses an interface based on Zune. It supports decimal, octal, binary and hexadecimal conversions, shortcuts for power and square root calculations an Arexx port and offers supports for batch-execution of calculations by using text files.

More information on Journeyman's jCalc project can be found in this thread, so if you happen to have some feedback considering jCalc then please feel free to report.

Download: jCalc 0.4 for Aros/i386 (219 KB)

Software: Comics! - The Creepy Comicbook Reader 0.5

Lellonapoli released a new version of his Comics project and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

Comics is a so called Comic Book Reader (cbr) which is able to display comic book files. Comics is able to read cbr and cbz files, has support for jpeg comics and can be navigated using the keyboard, which also includes zooming and rotating.

Also a new (required) JPEG data type was provided by Lellonapoli and is based on the original Aros data type, and which adds support for reading black and white images as well as scaling.

In this new release every type of image can now be zoomed, mouse-wheel scrolling was added as well as other improved navigation and a toolbar menu was added.

More information on Lellonapoli's Comics reader can be found in this thread, along with detailed instructions on how to install the data type on your system.

Download: Comics 0.5 for Aros/i386 (49 KB)
Download: JPEG datatype 0.4 for Aros/i386 (Required, 135 KB)

Game: XLogical 1.0-8

XLogicalCavemann ported XLogical to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

XLogical is a remake done by ixionstudios of the C64/Amiga-game Log!cal, which was originally published by Rainbow Arts. The remake is done as tribute to the Amiga-version and uses the SDL-library for its graphics.

This game is all about marbles of different colors. The idea is to place four marbles of the same color in one rotatable 4 hole receptacle, while in the upper part marbles of different colors (red, yellow, green, blue) come into the game area. As soon as a receptacle is full, it "explodes", the receptacle is free again and can still be used. When every receptacle has been brought to explosion once, the level is solved.

Download: XLogical 1.0-8 for Aros/i386 (2,4 MB)

Distribution: Aros Vision m68k 2.1

Aros VisionOlafS3 announced a new release of his Aros-distribution Vision version 2.1

Aros Vision was the first available distribution that runs on original m68k computers (or emulator).

This release is the natural continuation from the earlier 2.x releases and added a lot of new and improved file types, updated system-files, ScummVM RTG (with Beneath a steel sky pre-installed), a full version of Aqua and some other games.

Please be aware that AROS (and especially AROS-m68k) is still in alpha-stage and as such things might not work as expected. It is advisable to use an Amiga emulator. OlafS3 could really use some feedback that you can post in this thread, as it will aid in improving AROS for m68k computers.

More information about Aros Vision can be found on the introduction into AROS page, AROS overview, support page,  download page, user manual, Vision manual and the screenshots page.

Videos: New features, demonstration of some software and whdload on Vision running on classic 040
Download: Aros Vision 2.1 for m68k (648 MB)

Experimental: (WiP) Icaros Desktop with Magellan (Test)

Paolo Besser announced the release of a public work-in-progress version of Icaros Desktop.

This is a special experimental release and is only a short while available for download. The release is based on Deadwood's work i.c.w. an early test-release of Directory Opus Magellan which is based on BSzili's work.

This release is not a final version and is not to be used in a production environment nor is it a replacement/upgrade for a normal Icaros Desktop installation. Other files from and/or to this release cannot be used so you cannot mix with other distributions.

This release was made in order for us to test and report bugs. It is really necessary for the developers to get some feedback on this release, so that the developers can address any issues reported.

A direct download link is omitted on purpose because you really should read the announcement from Paolone and/or carefully read and report in this thread.

PS: In case your download software is wondering, the download is about 1.6 GB in size.

Software: Opus Audio Tools 0.1.7

OpusMichel 'DMX' Bagmeijer updated his port of Opus Audio Tools for Aros and uploaded his work to Aminet for us.

Opus is a project from the Xiph.Org Foundation and is a totally open, royalty-free, highly versatile audio codec. Opus is a lossy audio compression format and made especially suitable for interactive real-time applications over the Internet.

Opus Audio Tools consist of three command line tools: opusdec (for decoding) , opusenc (for encoding) and opusinfo (for inspecting) audio files in the Opus format.

This release is a natural version update and includes support for encoding from FLAC files and metadata tags (including album art). This release also uses the new surround encoder API in opus and the --uncoupled switch of the opusenc command no longer works.

Download: Opus Audio Tools 0.1.7 for Aros/i386 (417 KB)

Game: Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Shadow WarriorSzilárd Biró announced that he released Shadow Warrior Classic Redux for Aros, and made it available on his website for us to download.

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is a reboot version of the Shadow Warrior game released in 1997 by 3D realms. Its a single-player first-person shooter where players take control of the modern ninja warrior Lo Wang from a first-person perspective as he fights through levels of demonic hordes.

Please be aware that this ported version only works with original datafiles from the Steam Classic Redux version.

Any comments or otherwise related issues can be posted in this thread.

Download: Shadow Warrior Classic Redux for Aros/i386* (2,2 MB)
* Datafiles from original Steam version required.

Distribution: AEROS for Raspberry Pi (beta 5)

AEROS for PiPascal 'Phoenixkonsole' Papara announced the availability of the fifth beta version of his Aros distribution AEROS for the Raspberry Pi computer.

AEROS is a hybrid mixture between Debian Linux as base and AROS as desktop. It has many features and is based on Broadway. Additional Debian packages can be installed if wanted and Linux  applications can directly run from the AROS desktop by using special commands.

More information about AEROS can be found in the FAQ and a special video showing this r5 release for the Raspberry Pi can be seen here.

This release is based on a newer AROS ARHMfh build, based on Deadwoods stable ARM ABI. Some crashes regarding AHI were fixed and icons are now more streamlined.

On the AROS side it features all applications that are part of the nightly builds (except FryingPan, Doom and Quake) an experimental OWB (not Oddyssey) and the Vice C64/C128 emulator. At the Linux side there is LibreOffice, Audacious, Dillo, Netsurf, Midor, Tuxpaint, Abuse, Prboom, ScumVM (incl. Beneath a steel sky and Flight of the Amazon Queen), Frozen Bubble, the Synaptic package manager and many more software installed.

This is the beta r5 release and currently only available for registered users. Non-registered users can download this version as soon as the public version gets released (usually a couple of days after this private beta release).

Download page: AEROS for Raspberry Pi (latest beta version)

Game: Help Hannah's Horse 1.0

Help Hannah's HorseCavemann ported Help Hannah's Horse to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

Help Hannah's Horse is cross between Pacman and Fastfood Dizzy and was originally written by Stephen Branley. It is an arcade game aimed at children.

In this game you need to help poor Hannah as her horsey is a little sick and really could use some medicine. This medicine can be found in the maze and needs to be collected, but there are some nasty ghosts around that tries to prevent this as well as some additional gameplay that makes it a bit harder.

More detailed information on how to play Help Hannah's Horse can be read in the readme, which is included in the archive as well.

Download: Help Hannah's Horse 1.0 for Aros/i386 (3,3 MB)

Game: SuPoker v2010 (French)

supokerCavemann ported SuPoker to Aros and uploaded his work to the archives for us.

SuPoker is a open source version of a concept based on Video Poker, available for multiple platforms and originally developed by Florent Bertucchi and Pierre-Arthur Mathieu.

SuPoker is a mixture between traditional poker hands and the basic principles of a slot machine and allows the player to play a lot of hands in a short amount of time. Before a hand is dealt an ante has to be set from the amount of fiches that you own.

The game is only available in French, but if you have basic knowledge of card games like poker then this shouldn't pose a problem to enjoy this game.

Download: SuPoker v2010 for Aros/i386 (French language only, 1,2 MB)



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