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DELL Latitude D520
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DELL Latitude D520

Last updated on 1 year ago
Hallo fellow Amigians

I always wanted a stable and good laptop for AROS.
Some years ago ClusterUK and many others got that realised with fully support for ACER aspire one. This is still a ok platform for AROS but as web-browsing, emulation and many other tasks got more demanding the need for more powerfull hardware is needed.

The DELL latitiude D520 is far from something new but the hardware is very simelar to ACER aspire one. The big difference is that the display res. is higher and the CPU is much faster. All that is needed is a replacement of the wi-fi card. Something that is very easy to do.

Search for this WiFi card on e-bay

Atheros AR5BXB63

This laptop can be found very cheap on e-bay.

I will put up many videos running AROS on this laptop.
I will show 68k emulation and I can tell you that 060 demos with JIT enabled runs full speed on this computer.
I compared a AGA demo with A1200 060 50Hhz with this computer under emulation and this computer did some of the scenes more smooth.

I will update this thread as I do new videos and bring in new information.

First of all I just wanted to know if there are any interest in people getting AROS laptop and if you have any questions bring'em on.

AROS rocks!
Latest WHDLoad in action.


I enjoy your AROS videos, Please add some links in the new Video-Links area. ;)
nikos can you post the specs for your D520? I understand there are different versions of this laptop.
amigamia: You can use any of them. Only difference is the CPU. There is one version that got 2Ghz CPU. Mine is 1.66GHz
What I real recommend is to change the internal drive to SSD.
[quote][url=http://arosworld.org/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=177&pid=1046#post_1046][b]cavemann wrote:[/b][/url]

I enjoy your AROS videos, Please add some links in the new Video-Links area. ;)[/quote]

Hi Caveman

Thx :) Glad you enjoy the videos. Good to see you here. I will do that.
If you experience that this laptop freeze browsing web-pages or after a few minutes getting warm it is very likely the WiFi card that is broken.
I had this problem with one WiFi card and there is one other guy that had this problem.
If you have this problem or want a WiFi card that is tested to work pm me and I send you one for 10£ inkl. shiping.
AspireOS booting time with this laptop

Why not have some fun for cheap money. For 5 - 10 euro it is easy to find Intel T2400 core2duo cpu on eBay. This is the most powerful CPU used in this laptop. I will try to change it on one of my D520s that got t2300. It should be easy. I bring you the result when I have changed it.
[quote][url=http://arosworld.org/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=177&pid=1061#post_1061][b]nikos wrote:[/b][/url]

AspireOS booting time with this laptop


Nice! SSD drive I presume?
Sure is :) Nothing else does it for me these days. Greatest update to computers in a loooong time.
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