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ICAROS 2.0 Problems in VirtualBox

Last updated on 10 years ago
Posted 10 years ago
Has anyone tried the newly released ICAROS 2.0 under latest version of VirtualBox? The particular problem I am having is with ICH AC97. Icaros detects it but when I play a test sound, it shortly plays and then freezes the AHI window. The other sound drivers from VirtualBox are not detected by ICAROS.
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
Sorry to say that i haven't.

Due to problems with VirtualBox concerning USB i sticked to old VBox version.

In case you are unable to solve, please also consider posting on a-e forums.

PS: i just had another look at vbox forums and drats what a mess, loads of issues with 4.3.18, full-screen, windows host hardening problems, problems with snapshots, networking, etc. etc. etc.

If it works for you then please keep on using this version, otherwise i would recommend to revert back (if possible).

My vbox motto: if you have a working version running, no matter how old, then stick to it unless you are willing to play beta-tester... :S

PPS: in case you are able to, please consider also checking icaros 1.5.2 or AspireOS to see if that does work for you with that audio driver.
Posted 10 years ago
Hey Magorium, Thanks for the heads-up. I have checked the thread about icaros 2.0 problems and I didn't want to add to the rolling snow ball. This issue seemed different than all the others. It works fine, just the sound gives me grief but the environment is a little different (MACPro with Yosemite and VitualBox 4.3.18 r96516). I have AspireOS on a HP Mini 1000 and to be honest I find it a lot more stable than any Icaros version and nicer to the eye. I just can make the internal Wifi work (no drivers and yes I know there are external USB solutions to it). I like the new look and feel of ICAROS 2.0, I'll keep poking at it and maybe I get to peek more about it (I just made a peek/poke joke, get it? LOL never mind I am just geeking-out now). Any-who! More testing, testing, and more testing...
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
Tbh i find it rather eerie quiet (except for my mailbox getting stuffed), so i don't think you'll be adding too much snow ;)

Thanks for having mentioned it on amigaworld, so that ncafferkey was able to make a suggestion. I really hope that's the culprit for your case.

In that regards i can only suggest to play with these kind of settings as both AROS and VitualBox tend to have problems with some of these configuration (and combinations).

Would you mind reporting back on that suggestion ncaffferkey did ? It would aid tremendously for others facing the same issue. (i rather avoid upgrading my vbox installation atm).
paoloneDistro Maintainer
Posted 10 years ago
for Amigamia's sound problems in vbox please see

here, http://aros-exec....mpost91125
here, http://www.amiga....stcount=12

it may be useful for others in the same conditions.
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