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Game: Magical Broom Extreme (MBX)

Last updated on 2 months ago
FaroxJunior Member
Posted 2 months ago
Available on Aros Archive my new port for Aros....Magical Broom Extreme

Magical Broom Extreme is a spectacular freeware horizontal shooter from Japan made by
developer Twin-Tail, with jaw-dropping 3D weapon effects and very good gameplay.
The player controls a witch, flying on a broom that can shoot, with the
objective to reach the end of each stage. The game have only one big level.

Left/Right .. for movement

z .. Single Shot (keep pressed and release for Special Shot)
x .. Bomb
c .. Autofire
v .. Special Shot (?)

It should also support Joystick or Pad (tested with gamepad of A500 Mini)

Esc .. Quit the game immediatly


Aros port is done thanks to huge and very well done work by M-HT, that ported
and adapted the code from Windows/DirectX8.1 to Linux+SDL+OpenGL (compilable on
x86/x64 and ARM cpu and maybe other).

Sources are included in the package.

To be able to run without problems you need an OpenGL enabled gfx card, at the
time only some GPU are able to offer such functionality, see at Aros x86
Hardware Compatibility (https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Aros/Platforms/x86_support
) for a list of 3D enabled GPU.
If you try to run without 3D support Aros fallback to use Mesa for 3D and fps
will be very low, making the game unplayable.

I have included 2 version of the game:
mbx-aros-i386 ..that run in windowed mode (640x480)
mbx-aros-i386_full .. that runs in fullscreen

I would like to thank AMIGASYSTEM that have created for me the icons, and also
all user at www.arosworld.org forum for help and testing.

Edited by Farox on 25-04-2024 04:07, 2 months ago
retrofaza, mmartinka, Puni, Deremon, Argo
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 2 months ago
thank youSmile
Posted 2 months ago
Created new Icons for MBX, this time I used as an image the character of the game, eventually they can be used for an eventual next version.

In any case those who will install AROS One will find them both versions and can choose which one to use in their system.

I attach new icons archive:
AMIGASYSTEM attached the following file:
mbx-icons2.zip [18.71kB / 92 Downloads]
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 2 months ago
It's a fun game - I enjoyed playing it :-)
PuniPuniJunior Member
Posted 2 months ago
Thanks for the port, Farox! Well done! Like
FaroxJunior Member
Posted 2 months ago
Today i have tested the game using "the gamepad" (of the A500 Mini) and it worked fine.
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 2 months ago

Farox wrote:

@Farox - Today i have tested the game using "the gamepad" (of the A500 Mini) and it worked fine.

good will be fully compatible with AROSLike
Edited by Amiwell79 on 25-04-2024 08:32, 2 months ago
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