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Irritating bug of the month - May 2024

Last updated on 5 hours ago

Poll: IBOTM - May 2024

    #140 (Wanderer: Changing the disk label does not work) [6/19]32 %
    #136 (S flag is not preserved during InstallAROS) [2/19]11 %
    #126 (Mouse pointer not visible when booting from LiveUSB) [3/19]16 %
    #125 (You can access a drawer icon even if the directory assigned to it does not exist) [6/19]32 %
    #120 (Incorrect Leave Out and Put away behavior if it involves icons from USB flash drive) [1/19]5 %
    #26 (Multiple copying of the "Shell" icon when it's deleted) [1/19]5 %
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 31 days ago
TLDR: >>>> https://github.com/deadwood2/AROS/labels/IBOTM <<<<

Here were are with another IBOTM! We continue with bug-fixing fun!

PS. If there are additional bugs that irritate you, but they are not yet > the bug tracker, please report them in the release support thread. They might make it to the voting in following months!

General rules are simple:

1) Bugs are selected from bugs reported > bug tracker
2) There is a poll made and community selects one bug from suggested bugs
3) I fix the bug.
4) Wait until next month; Go To 1;

The initial list of bugs will be related to ABIv0 i386 or ABIv11 x86_64. In effect bugs specific to m68k AROS or any other AROS flavor won't be added to poll options. Bugs can be in either AROS core system or in Contrib package. Bugs need to be reproducible on clean system releases, so bugs visible only on distributions won't be included.
Posted 31 days ago
Regarding Bug #136, I noticed that the "S" flag is set on some files by the Startup-sequence after the first reboot, so done fixing then you can delete these strings!
Amiwell79Distro Maintainer
Posted 31 days ago
voted many thanks Deadwood
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 30 days ago


@AMIGASYSTEM - Regarding Bug #136, I noticed that the "S" flag is set on some files by the Startup-sequence after the first reboot, so done fixing then you can delete these strings!

I don't think this will be possible. These files on ISO image won't have the S flag, so if the commands are removed from Startup-Sequence, then they will never get these flags on HDD.
FaroxJunior Member
Posted 30 days ago
Thanks voted for #125
Posted 29 days ago
miker1264Software Dev
Posted 29 days ago
Number #140 seems to be popular as well.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 25 days ago
Thanks to all who voted already and a reminder that today is a the last day to vote.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 24 days ago
And we have a tie this month!

To resolve that I did a flip of the coin the and winner is #125 - so this bug will be fixed in May.

As for #140 it will then automatically be selected as June's bug.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 10 hours ago
Hi All,

Here is a patch to test for May's bug:

It should solve both problem listed in the bug: opening a non-existing drawer and copying to it.

Note: this patch assumes you already have 20220318-1-U1 update installed.

Please test bahaviors around "opening" for regression.
Edited by deadwood on 24-05-2024 13:25, 9 hours ago
retrofaza, Amiwell79
Posted 5 hours ago
deadwood if you try to drag a file into RAM you get GURU, see screenshot
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