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Programming language

Last updated on 7 years ago

It seems there are not many people out there using something else for programming besides c.

So i was wondering if there are people out there using something else like portablE, Forth, Freepascal etc.

I'm using Freepascal myself :)
I develop Ruby on Linux. I may eventually give a whirl on AROS once most of my current projects are polished-off.

After that I've been thinking about creating my own "2nd Gen" Forth language.
i am learning Freepascal..:D
@trans :
Ruby and Forth. wow. Impressed, and imo more exotic then the freepascal i use.

Was the pforth and ruby entries from the archives by any chance done by you ?

@serk118uk :
Seriously ? Are you that adventurous ? Welcome aboard then B)

And don't hesitate to ask if you're stuck or something. It can be a hard learning curve when coming from c if you have no xp. Forget about includes, linker libs and all that stuff :D
I've been using PortablE to try to make a paint and animation program but the lack of alpha-blending support in the standard cross-platform libraries is holding me up for now.
Hi Sam,

Nice to hear from you again :)

PortablE is very nice, so you are still tinkering with it ?

Is that alpha-blending support an issue from the portablE libs or is it the OS-libraries that causes this ?
Hi Magorium,

I think the problem stems from the fact that the PortablE standard library uses 24-bit color plus a transparency mask for its color support. Alpha-blending is used only to implement the transparency mask in a way that graphics cards can use efficiently. I don't know why ChrisH chose that standard as his format but I can only suspect that OS 3 doesn't support alpha-blending fully.


trans wrote:

I develop Ruby on Linux. I may eventually give a whirl on AROS once most of my current projects are polished-off.

After that I've been thinking about creating my own "2nd Gen" Forth language.

Dave Webster (MisterDave) ported Ruby to AROS and started to work in a binding with MUI called Zuby; try to get in touch with him if he wants/needs any help;
I've been grown with bread and pascal... but it's at least twenty years i don't write something like
program sumtwonumbers (input/output)...

I'm not a professional programmer but I love tinkering wih C. In these days i'm starting to go deeper to the dark side (C++), i'm being fashinated by some expanding possibilities plain C has not.
I appreciate a lot C# (the proof you can lift the world without using muscles) and i clearly hate java and objective C...

I'm trying to port my AmiDARK Engine to AROS...
I'ts a GDK that you can use under C and that makes C become as easier as "BASIC" languages... But using the power of C :)

The GDK ( Game Development Kit ) itself is not finished, it's under development.
(All informations at : http://www.amidar... and here : http://www.power2...s/amidark/ )

hi AmiDARK,

Pardon my ignorance on the topic (as i never came across your project before), but is there some (separate) documentation (SDK) available already. Or is it simply located in one of the (already) existing archives for the other platforms ?

I am aware that the project hasn't already 'opened up', but that doesn't always necessarily means SDK reference documentation is closed.

Do you encounter or expect specific problems in porting the engine to AROS ?

Any AROS tidbits you could already 'reveal' ?

Thanks in advance.

Ah, sorry for my laziness.

I've finally managed to download the OS4 archive and locate the documentation (as well as header-files).

Looking good so far :thumbsup:

Actually, when i read the bounty i was thinking about it all wrongly. I initially thought you made a basic language re-implementation but in fact it's completely written in C but uses basic-a-like syntax/commands.

I probably have to await patiently (until bounty goal is reached so i can see for myself), but when (initially) looking at things i wondered, would it also be possible to port the engine to f.i. linux/windows/mac ?

Or is the underlying code relying (too much) on OS dependencies ?

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