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New Version of PortablE?

Last updated on 6 months ago
Drats... that was hard to get it imported (it kept using my old scheme).

No idea what i did, but after renaming your scheme and imported, closed down several times (and started notepadd++ again), i finally managed to get it imported correctly :/

Well, like i said. i have absolutely done nothing toward the colors (merely picked something different to show). so you should be good to go in that department (whatever you favor) :D

I've just separated the different language constructs so that _it is possible_ to change them individually. But if you don't like that, you could even choose to use the same font-style and colors to be the same for all of them (e.g. only display them all bold or purple or *whatever* :-D ).

For example, the pink strings i've used are a bit on the feminine side of things, and now curse a bit with the greenish variable types :P

Two words of warning though (i think):

1) You changed the language from case sensitive to no case sensitive, and afaik portablE is a case sensitive language. Meaning keywords _have_ to go in upper case. if i understood correctly, you've changed that.

2) It seems you've removed some of the operators. I've taken my queue from annotate file, but also from the examples on chris' homepage (i copy-pasted them into the editor to see what was still missing). That was reason for me to add the additional operators (as they are valid, at least in PortablE. Dunno about Amiga-E).

And *oops*, i forgot to add the extension. Good catch amigamia :)
Here is a small example in practice what goes wrong with omitted operator (in this example '=' character);

Go to the examples of Chris and choose Example 19: Stacker.E, and paste the source into an empty edit window.

Taking your scheme, scroll down to line 92:

because the = is omitted, it will not be parsed as operator. thereby also ignoring NILS as being a constant, and will not be highlighted accordingly. It really is a bug in the UDL language scheme to begin with (but at least this specific issue i can understand a little).

Of course, if that doesn't bother you then who am i to judge. But perhaps it is something you haven't considered (or ran into) yet. Unfortunately, there are (or at least seems to be) more of those little 'issues'.

One of the funniest of those 'issues' is, that since i added hexadecimal numbering recognition, the UDL parsing goes wrong whenever you use a variable which ends in a hexadecimal letter (a,b,c,d,e or f) directly followed by a number.

So, for example. when using the variable name IamAvariable2, the number 2 get's recognized as being a hexadecimal number (big oops) and only that 2 gets highlighted accordingly (big oops number 2, as it should start with the e if its being done wrong to begin with). So even in doing it wrong, the UDL does it wrong :D
I know this is an old thread but I have been curious to know if there is any new development. On Chris' website it seems to be still at: 23.1. r6 beta - r6 beta (26.04.2016)
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