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Developer environment

Last updated on 9 years ago
Hi SamuraiCrow,

Sorry for (sort of) hijacking this thread, please replace or delete if wanted.
[moved to new thread --SamuraiCrow]

1) could Frexxed (http://daniel.haxx.se/frexxed/) be a viable option ?

2) if you are using VB then i assume u use windblows ? If so, perhaps programmer's notepad (www.pnotepad.org/) is an option ? I realize then there is a problem with executing code that uses gui elements as E does not have support for them under windblows.

It is an interresting topic, also for me, because it's a bit problematic: developing in other languages then c in combination with AROS -> the lack of a real configurable editor that is aimed for developers. I could not find anything else myself.

atm i run two VB's one with windblows another with aros. This is because i have to test the software on two platforms and the editor is in windows.
I use VB's internal network to communicate between the two, but i'm thinking of changing it in adding a third box with something like freenas.

I believe aros does not has a remote-shell ? That would be a better option.

Please share the experience (others are welcome) if you can spare the time.


red: forgot to mention annotate (http://www.onyxsoft.se/annotate.html)
I use VirtualBox for Mac. I haven't used Windows for a good many years except at friends' and relatives' houses. If I had Windows, I could just use the Windows version of PortablE.

I normally use hosted AROS from within a Linux virtual machine. But my Linux VM is getting hard to manage and I can't seem to get either Mac or Linux versions of X11 to enable the Backingstore option.
I thought Annotate had E language Syntax Highlighting and it is now available for AROS. I guess that could be a good editor under windows?
Yes, Annotate does have AmigaE syntax highlighting. I've used it under OS 3. I hope that the latest version gets backported from OS 4 to OS 3 and AROS.
I think it already is, isn't it?


From OnyxSoft:

It shows 2.7 on both..
I don't think the most recent version (2.7.8) has been ported to AROS yet.

Thank you for moving :-)

Sorry I made a wrong assumption about the OS SamauraiCrow ... Ofcourse you are correct -> if you where using windows you could use the windows version :mestupid:

So that would probably also mean that i wrongly assume portableE is written in E ?

I intentionaly mentioned editors that are available for AROS, as i thought that _is_ the issue. Or did i misunderstand the intentional problem ?

btw Annotate works for me under icaros desktop.

PS sorry to see on that you mentioned having problems with compiling due to header errors.

I had difficulty installing Icaros in such a way that I could transfer files to and from the host MacOSX 10.6.x environment. In the past I had used hosted AROS on Linux in VirtualBox so that I could use the VirtualBox Guest Additions.

Editors have very little to do with what problems I'm having. I used TextEdit under MacOSX for the IRC tutorial series so it doesn't have to be anything advanced.
@SamuraiCrow :

Ah ic. I took develop environment a little too literaly ;) Sorry 'bout that.

Yeah, i am familiar with the problem you're facing. Missing VB-GA sux.

I doubt that you didn't already think of this yourself (or perhaps you are unable to apply in practice) but whenever i need to transfer files from one box to another i use the VBox network. If i have to transfer out of the box'es i use an USB stick or serial port (installed virtual serial port on host-OS). This is the reason i was thinking about something like freenas in a extra Box in order to transfer back and forth between guest and host in a more consisent way

Alas, it really doesn't make things smoother :(

OT: Since you have more aros experience, do you think it would be viable to interact with the VM's server services from aros ?

@cavemann :
Thank you for sharing that link :). I didn't know about that.

Thinking back, I think that ChrisH already fixed PortablE for AROS so that the errors I ran into won't be there in the final release 6 version. He just hasn't come out with the final release yet. Recently I remember him cleaning up bugs on AROS and MorphOS both. I hope he finds time to finish up the release so I can continue the tutorial.

I don't know if the server services from VirtualBox would be more viable. There is an option to do something like that in the Icaros installer though, IIRC.


So that would probably also mean that i wrongly assume portableE is written in E ?

PortablE is written in PortablE :-) although originally it was written in AmigaE (to "boot strap" itself).
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