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Atomic Bomberman Fan Remake 2.5

Atomic Bomberman Fan Remake 2.5
Daniel 'Daytona675x' Müßener's Atomic Bomberman Fan Remake is a remake of the Bomberman version released for Windows in 1997. Therefore the files of the original version are required.

It has been coded from scratch, just by watching and playing the original game on an antique Win98 machine. Much care has been taken to make the gameplay feel exactly as if you were playing the old original game.

+ lots of USB joypads
+ original Atomic Bomberman game CD
+ not required, but recommended: beer / booze
+ one of the following:
- AmigaOS4: = 4.1 FE, Warp3D
- AmigaOS4: = 4.1 FE, Compositing (if you don't have a Warp3D-capable card)
- MorphOS: = 10, TinyGL
- AROS: x86, e.g. Icaros = 2.2.0, Mesa 3D
- Windows: pretty much any device of the last decade should do - Linux: should work via Wine, untested.

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