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AROS One 2.3 Released

AROS One 2.3 Released
AROS One 2.3, new version of the AROS x86 Distribution ABIv0, in this release there are many new features, Core and Third Party Software updates, in the list you can see in detail all the update.

This is definitely the most stable version of AROS x86 ever released, many fixes concern Wanderer and Hardware compatibility, the hardware compatibility catalogue has also been reformulated, HERE you can consult it.

For the installation a clean (ex-new) installation is recommended, this is because the Core, configurations and location of some folders have changed, possibly for those who have their own configurations could make a backup and if compatible install them later.

For the next releases there will be huge changes to the Core which will be based on the latest ABIv11 source code, thus the same C library as the ABIv11 builds.

In addition, an emulator will be developed that will allow 32-bit AROS programmes to run under 64-bit AROS.
amigamia 12/15/2023 1,079