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AROS also known as AROS Research Operating System, is an operating system first released in 1996. It is similar to the Amiga operating system, and runs on a variety of platforms including x86, x86-64, PowerPC, m68k, and ARM.

Available AROS distributions:
- Icaros Desktop, whose features include Amiga 68K emulation and 3D acceleration for NVIDIA GPUs.
- Broadway, a newer distribution aimed at being an introduction to AROS.
- AspireOS, a distribution for Acer Aspire One netbooks.
- AROS Vision, a native m68k distribution. AROS is hosted on SourceForge at aros.sourceforge.net

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FreePascal 3.2.0a

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The 100% useless AROS distribution Version 0.2

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FreePascal 3.2.0 for all Amiga systems & AROS

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File Manager MCAmiga 0.8

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