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AROS x86 - March 2024 monthly roundup

AROS x86 - March 2024 monthly roundup
AROS News is a periodic overview of the AROS scene by user retrofaza. The most exciting news in March is the start of work on a prototype emulator ABIv0 for the 64-bit version of AROS. Deadwood is not resting on its laurels and is consistently delivering on its earlier announcements.

A working emulator would enable a smooth transition to the 64-bit version of the system, without forcing a recompilation of the entire 32-bit software base currently available. AROS, the first AmigaNG system, will also be the first fully 64-bit AmigaNG system Smile It is worth mentioning that the emulator is to run completely in the background, and it will not matter to the user whether he runs the 32-bit version of the software or its native 64-bit version. To read more about the latest developments from the month of March 2024 head over to AROS x86 - (MARCH 2024)

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