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Irritating bug of the month - March 2024

Last updated on 3 months ago

Poll: IBOTM - March 2024

    #135 (AHCI- only 7.9 GB allocated out of disk) [9/19]47 %
    #125 (You can access a drawer icon even if the directory assigned to it does not exist) [3/19]16 %
    #120 (Incorrect Leave Out and Put away behavior if it involves icons from USB flash drive) [0/19]0 %
    #116 (Wanderer: Allow deleting by pressing Del key) [5/19]26 %
    #105 (DiskInfo showing OFS instead of FAT) [1/19]5 %
    #25 (Shell won't open from icon that leave out) [1/19]5 %
Posted 3 months ago
Yes they are 2 different PCs, on both there is DualBoot, I also have other PCs in DualBoot AROS/Win7 and AROS/Win10

On the PC under discussion (Samsung R730), I never installed AROS, before on this PC there was a normal Sata Hardisk, now I mounted the new SSD and wanted to do DualBoot here too, encountering the problems mentioned.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 3 months ago
Ok, thanks for explanation.

On Samsung R730 it's too bad we didn't test AROS with normal SATA harddisk. Then we would know if the problem is related to drive or to motherboard. There is a development of MSI (message signalled interrupts) that will come with next base system update. Maybe this will help on this PC.
Posted 3 months ago
Ok if I find a SATA HD available I will see to do the test with a Sata HD !

About Wipe Disk there are still doubts "that does not destroy the Windows partition" !

As said this does not happen if AROS finds and identifies a partition in any location as long as it is a "virgin" partition i.e. never initialized by any Filesystem !
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 3 months ago
I don't understand what doubts you are refering too?

The purpose of Wipe is to complete erase disk. If InstallAROS detects existing partition structure, it will default to option of "Use free space". In your case AROS is not detecting correct partition structure as seen by your screenshot of HDToolBox. Something needs to be updated in ahci.device to work with your hardware.
deadwoodAROS Dev
Posted 3 months ago
One thing was spotted on your BIOS photo.

You have Large Disk Access Mode set to DOS. See if changing this to Other will make ahci.device work with your disk drive.
StudenteerJunior Member
Posted 3 months ago
@AMIGASYSTEM , please try following:

1.) Make fresh installed USB-Stick of your latest AROS One with deadwood's AHCI-driver.

2.) Boot USB-Stick and remove following files in Live-enviroment:
System/AROS One/Install Icons Apps
System/AROS One/Install Icons Drawer

3.) Do regular install, but just core-system and grub (important!)

4.) Trying to boot up and check, if system working as installed on computer.

If everything working fine, I maybe found the issue.
Edited by Studenteer on 23-03-2024 18:07, 3 months ago
Posted 3 months ago

The problem is not the installation, but the "Wipe Disk" initialization which does not work "only" on this PC, on other PCs there is no problem installing AROS One either in DualBoot or alone.

The software you mentioned has nothing to do with "Wipe Disk" functions, which is used to initialize the partition (Write RDB, similar to MBR on Windows)
Posted 3 months ago

About "Wipe Disk" was not referring to my Hardware, it was a kind of "warning" for all those who would like to do a DualBoot, to be careful not to destroy Windows or other OS installed on the same Disk.

Regarding Bios I changed from DOS to Other, but nothing changed ! I encountered the same problem.
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