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PortablE for MAC OS X

Last updated on 9 years ago
To Chris Handley:

What would it take to port PortablE for Mac OS X (PPC & Intel) ?
Time is probably a huge factor. Remember that ChrisH is working alone on most of this project.

Based on discussions I've had with him on the AmigaE IRC channel, I think he's been looking at Qt and wxWidgets for the Windows version so it will be portable to other platforms as well.

ChrisH has an Efika to test MorphOS programs with but has to cross-compile as it is. I caught him sharing a lament that I would also share: PortablE currently is a memory hog. He'd like to fix all the bugs and that includes getting PortablE to run on a barebones MorphOS Efika.

I've offered to help with some of the project but I'm not really well-versed enough in Amiga programming to figure it all out. I hope we can get lots of stuff working in PortablE soon.
That's cool. He did mention on aros-exec that it comes down to the fact he doesn't have a MAC computer where he can compile his code and he doesn't have a way to cross-compile from his windows computer. I guess that's why he is looking into QT or wxWidgets. I offered to help if he is willing to share the code so i can compile it on my Macbook and/or iBook G4.

I heard that you are doing some training classes on E in an IRC# channel? Are there any archives where people who can't make it to the IRC, can read the log? I am VERY interested in this E language but I am quite busy during the day. However, I have some time alone in the evening.
Well, I am holding E classes on Sunday afternoons at 3 PM CDT (8 GMT) on the #AmigaE channel on irc.Freenode.net but it's turning more into a discussion on how to implement a game engine in E.

We still have the code from the first two months of classes but not the logfiles. I had mainly offered to teach Cammy about E but she invited others to learn as well. You're welcome to show up also but since some people couldn't make it every week, it's mainly there for me and Cammy.

If you'd like, I could start over here in a thread about learning PortablE.
You know that is a very good idea. I'd love to host some E and PortablE tutorials here on AROSWORLD. We can do it in two forms: 1) As an article page 2) As forum threads. Let me know which was you prefer?
I'd prefer to do it as forum threads. :)
Alright! Feel free to create a new thread anytime you like. I have made you the forum Moderator for PortablE. You can upload attachments if you need to. Let me know what else you need. You can make them stickies as well.
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