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Vote for your favorite AROS game.

Last updated on 9 years ago
cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
It's that time of year again. Vote for the AROS game of the year.


Btw, should TORCS be on the list? I don't recall seeing that one.
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
afaik u r correct. Torcs was never released for aros, at least not officially. nor have i seen bszili ask for testing.

With all respect to the author, but that list sux.

Here is mine (and i leave it up to the experts amongst us to tell if an older version was already ported earlier or not).

2012-10-24   Serk118uk   Game: Nether Earth remake 0.52
2012-10-26   Serk118uk   Game: Kill Everything That Moves 2 (WIP)
2012-10-31   Serk118uk   Game: Tux Football 0.3.1 (WIP)
2012-11-17   Fabio Falcucci   Game: G.E.M.Z.
2012-11-19   Serk118uk   Game: sdlCC (Chinese Checkers)
2012-11-22   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Candy Crisis v20120715
2012-11-23   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Freesynd 0.6
2012-12-06   Serk118uk   Game: Adrian
2012-12-07   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Duke Nukem 3D 4.2.2 (update)
2012-12-07   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Yamagi Quake II 4.90 (update)
2012-12-07   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Candy Crisis v20121206
2012-12-07   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)
2012-12-07   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: OpenBOR (Beats Of Rage engine) svn3742
2012-12-12   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: OpenBOR (Beats Of Rage engine) svn3742 (update)
2012-12-14   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Candy Crisis v20121212
2013-01-04   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Darkplaces/Nexquiz 0.6.0
2013-01-09   Serk118uk   Game: Ri-Li 2.0.1
2013-01-16   Serk118uk   Game: Super-Tirititran (Spanish)
2013-01-28   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy 2.70rc1
2013-02-10   Mark Harman   Game: Gigalomania 0.25
2013-02-23   Serk118uk   Game: OpenRedAlert r462
2013-03-05   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy 2.71rc2
2013-03-06   Serk118uk   Game: BlastGuy v3
2013-03-13   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Pushover 0.0.4
2013-03-14   Serk118uk   Game: DestructionBombs
2013-03-17   kioniro   Game: Flare 0.17.1
2013-03-28   Achim Kern   Game: PengoBrain 1.1
2013-04-09   Mark Harman   Game: Gigalomania 0.26
2013-04-09   Brad McCormack   Game: AsciiBattleships 2
2013-04-17   cavemann   Game: GNU Robbo 0.66
2013-04-24   cavemann   Game: Tong-its 2003
2013-04-30   cavemann   Game: The Last Mission 0.6
2013-05-08   kioniro   Game: Flare 0.18
2013-05-09   Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer   Game: Cube 2 - Sauerbraten (Collect Edition)
2013-05-09   Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer   Game: AssaultCube Beta
2013-05-09   Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer   Game: Red Eclipse 1.4
2013-05-16   Miloslav Martinka   Game: Tetris-gtk 0.6.2
2013-05-20   Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer   Game: AssaultCube Reloaded 2.5.7
2013-06-02   cavemann   Game: Black-Box 1.4.8
2013-06-17   cavemann   Game: Martian Memory v20030923
2013-07-02   cavemann   Game: Kapooka 0.3
2013-07-25   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Star Trek Voyager - Elite Force HoloMatch (multiplayer only)
2013-07-30   XDelusion   Game: Odamex - Project Alien Breed (Beta 2)
2013-08-04   Morgue Soft   Game: Ami Jackpot 1.21
2013-08-08   cavemann   Game: Sporktris 1.1
2013-08-08   cavemann   Game: Too Hard For You 1.3
2013-08-08   cavemann   Game: Tower Toppler 1.1.6
2013-08-08   cavemann   Game: Ronda 0.1
2013-08-13   cavemann   Game: NuclearChess 1.0.0
2013-08-17   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Odamex 0.6.4
2013-08-19   cavemann   Game: Valtra Tractors 1.0
2013-08-27   cavemann   Game: Wakkabox 1.1.0
2013-09-02   cavemann   Game: syaSokoban 2.0.1
2013-09-06   Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer   Game: AssaultCube Reloaded 2.5.9 (r3)
2013-09-29   James jacobs   Game: Worm Wars 8.82
2013-10-03   cavemann   Game: SDL-Gweled 0.3.2
2013-10-03   cavemann   Game: SuPoker v2010
2013-10-03   cavemann   Game: Help Hannah's Horse 1.0
2013-10-04   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
2013-10-15   cavemann   Game: XLogical 1.0-8
2013-10-20   Robert 'Phibrizzo' Krajcarz   Game: ChangeIt 0.9
2013-11-04   Serk118uk   Game: OpenRedAlert r462 (repacked)
2013-11-06   Szilard 'BSzili' Biro   Game: Wolfenstein Enemy Territory - Legacy 2.71rc3
2013-11-06   cavemann   Game: Twin Distress 1.1.0
2013-11-06   cavemann   Game: nPush 0.7
2013-11-18   Simone Bevilacqua   "Game: New Mission ""Stay a While"" for BOH The Game"
2013-11-20   cavemann   Game: Dangen 0.5
2013-11-21   Yannick 'Yannickescu' Erb   Game: Sqrxz 2 v1.00
2013-11-23   Michel 'DMX' Bagmeijer   Game: AssaultCube
2013-11-26   Serk118uk   Game: Fade to Black 1.8
2013-12-09   cavemann   Game: Bloboats 1.0.2
2013-12-16   cavemann   Game: Emilia Pinball 0.3.1
2013-12-31   cavemann   Game: gtMachine 2009-r2

Please do notice that some titles have multiple entries because they were updated/fixed along the line last year. But, even when i subtract them the AROS list is much bigger.

Yet, i do not know the exact criteria that this competition uses.
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
in random order my favourites are:
- OpenRedAlert
- Flare
- Tower Toppler
- XLogical
- Gigalomania
- fade to black

and (really my all time favourite, sorry cavemann/serk/others)

But cavestory is missing from my list, as last year it was ported to AROS by BSzili.

Didn't i complain about that last year ?? That, back then, cavestory was also not on the list of AROS ?

Please note that _none_ of my favourites (for AROS) are mentioned in the list of Obligement.

Ergo, what is my motivation to vote ? :/
Edited by magorium on 28-01-2014 01:04, 10 years ago
cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
Ok, TORCS is gone now.

Yeah, some of my favorites are not on the official list. Iirc, last years picks were rather slim too.

Not everyone has native graphics, so some of the first person shooters are a tough call. Even with native IGMA sometimes mesa can run a bit slow. And also, some people don't like shooters anyway.

Not a big fan of Cavestory (it's ok), but agree that Tower Toppler and XLog!cal are good fun. If OpenRedAlert worked better I might agree on that one. My topmost Aros fave is still Neverball.

Hey, at least we have a chance to vote for an Aros game. I haven't played some of them so I'd better try them out first ;)
Posted 10 years ago
I've to get an AROS machine going soon before I miss all this fun :-(
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago


Ok, TORCS is gone now.

phew... saved by the whistle :D


Not everyone has native graphics, so some of the first person shooters are a tough call. Even with native IGMA sometimes mesa can run a bit slow. And also, some people don't like shooters anyway.

especially the missing of accelarated graphics is what keeps most people away from those.

And indeed fps is also not really my thing.

u can give me an rpg anytime to fill that hole :D


My topmost Aros fave is still Neverball.

Since i spend hours on monkeyball on the cube, i prbably would have to agree, weren't it for the missing supported gfx card :(


Hey, at least we have a chance to vote for an Aros game.

Can't argue with that :)

It's definitely worth it. but then again i am a biased aros user :D

There are at least a couple of good ports available and the os itself keeps progressing (although perhaps not so much on the outside).

You can always check things out with virtualization software like virtual box or vmware (on a fast enough machine that is)

nice to see you in action again amigamia :)
Posted 10 years ago
Hi Magorium

It has been a long time since I tweaked with AROS. I finally have some time and I need to catch up. I actually tried AspireOS on an HP Mini 1000 and I liked it a lot. I like the look and feel and the stability. I also tried Icaros but for some reason that kept crashing. I didn't spend much time troubleshooting though.

I now have Pear Linux 8 installed (I love this version of linux) and I am going to set it up as dual boot with AspireOS but I have one dilemma. How to install AROS from a USB drive? Is there a way to copy AROS on a USB drive and boot from it? The HP mini 1000 doesn't have a dvd player and I borrowed it from a friend to install AROS. However, I do not want to ask for it all the time.:(

I tried unetbootin and yumi but it does not boot :o

Anyone have any idea how? :|
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago


I finally have some time and I need to catch up.

cool. hope you'll enjoy it :)


I actually tried AspireOS on an HP Mini 1000 and I liked it a lot.

That's a good start ...


I also tried Icaros but for some reason that kept crashing.

most instability issues arise from the drivers concerning gfx-card.
Paolo even made special LKE (Legacy Kernel Edition) for people with problems.
So as a wild guess, try booting (non LKE) icaros using the Vesa resolution grub option and see if that helps.

If you really want to nail this then some more info is required. your call :)


I now have Pear Linux 8 installed (I love this version of linux) and I am going to set it up as dual boot with AspireOS but I have one dilemma.

Dilemma's are made to be solved :p


How to install AROS from a USB drive?

You install AROS from a USB drive, by first installing it onto a USB drive :)

Once you booted icaros there is an icon on the workbench that is called installaros.
Clicking this icon will install aros onto selected (2nd) device.


Is there a way to copy AROS on a USB drive and boot from it?

Ofcourse, there is :)
Although copying is not how it is done. you need to install it first, so that the drive uses sfs filesystem.


The HP mini 1000 doesn't have a dvd player and I borrowed it from a friend to install AROS.

DVD is so 80's.... or was it 90's :)

Can the machine you want to install aros onto, boot off an usb-pendrive (or usb HD) ?

If the answer is yes, then that is imo the easiest way (without burning dvd/cd).


I tried unetbootin and yumi but it does not boot

This definitely should go into a faq or something as it is the most asked question/complain around these days :)

AROS has no support for loopback drivers, ergo such solutions will fail (whatever solution choosen). This might change in the future (or not).


Anyone have any idea how?

The easiest solution ? (well at least it is for me when machine is able to boot off an USB-device).

1 - Boot the icaros 1.5.2 full-dvd release .iso file in a virtual machine (VM)
2 - insert pendrive (or usb hd) in VM. 4GB is pretty cramped, better use 8GB.
3 - click the installaros icon and install onto USB device.
4 - close down VM and use usb device in (other) machine to boot icaros
5 - use icaros this way as real OS, or use installaros icon to install it onto internal drive/partition.

Make sure that your virtual machine has USB 2.0 turned off (in certain setups aros has difficulties with it). Please note that any physical machine for using virtualization software can be used (read: borrowed from neighbour, employer) as long as it can run virtualization software and has an usb connection.

creating such a USB-device (preferably pendrive) you can boot icaros from any machine that supports booting
this way and allows you to install aros onto the machine.

Make sure you read icaros desktop manual (chapter installing, pendrive)

If you have any questions, then please let me know which step is unclear (or not working for you) or otherwise requires attention. I wrote a _very_ short summary.

good luck!
Posted 10 years ago
Thanks a million magorium. I am going to definitely try that this week end. If these steps work, maybe you can put them as an Article in here?
magoriumSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago

I've made a wordpad document (about a year or perhaps two ago) including graphics using virtualbox. I did it for someone who asked more or less the same asking it on a-e forums.

I've tried uploading that document as article on this board, but somehow failed. I've never bothered to mention it further because u was busy :)

Now... were in the world did i put that document.... :S
cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
Shooters are very popular so my guess is that Assault Cube Reloaded will win. But that would not be my choice. Here is my humble opinion of this years nominees.

-Ri-Li 2.0.0
Nice graphics presentation. Better than average snake gameplay. But what could be worse than a commercial nag screen... a political nag screen. Not this years best, but the best game of the lot, imo.

-Super Tirititran
Tirititran is Spanish for rat-a-tat-tat. This is a 1941 style vertical scroller, but instead of flying a plane, you are a flying as a super hero. I haven't got very far and seem to die very quickly. Unhappily, the entire game is in Spanish and there is no translation. So many aspects of the game are a mystery to me. Although the Menus seem quite professional, the game itself is perhaps a notch better than your average shareware.

-Assault Cube Reloaded 2.5.9
I am not a fan of the Cube series. First off, the menus are confusing to me, and hard to navigate. Then usually I seem to get graphic glitches, if not at first then after a few minutes. There are no gamma settings, so many maps are not very playable. Finally, I prefer a single player fps, and the single player mode for this game is just an after thought.

-Speed Dreams 2
The average game speed on my gforce-8400 was about 4 frames per second, which gets tiresome pretty fast. :(

-Zod Engine
I could not get past the title screen. (My network might be the problem, I can only guess.) :(

-Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
I can play the good old DOS classic for free. Do I really need to pay Steam 10 bucks to get the data for this version? :(

-Red Eclipse 1.4
Huge download, so I did not try this one... no opinion.
cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
I've finally got around to trying Red Eclipse. Like Assault Cube Reloaded, it's basicly a multiplayer team deathmatch fps. Although I only tried it in single player mode.

I'm probably not the best person to give an overview, since I prefer the old monster-filled, level-clearing, find-the-exit shooters. But I'll make a couple of points.

Unlike the cube series, the Red Eclipse menus are very nice. I've also noticed that the frame rate seems much better than Assault cube (at least on my gf-8400), the action is smoother and not as jerky.

Sad to say, I still could not get the gamma adjustment to work, so many level maps had areas that were dark and difficult to navigate.

Also, some levels don't load correctly. When that happens, I switch to the Workbench screen and click cancel on the requester until the level is finished loading. It seems to play ok after that.

Overall I think Red Eclipse should place higher than Assault Cube Reloaded.

On the subject of Assault Cube, I mentioned before that I was getting graphic glitches. Well it seems I was causing the problem myself. Instead of hitting the 'w' key to go forward, I sometimes hit the 'e' key by mistake. That puts the game into a strange graphics mode. So be careful not to hit a wrong key ;)

Of course, this overview is just a starting point. Go find out which Aros game is best for yourself :)
cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 10 years ago
The results are in (and I am surprised again this year).

cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 9 years ago
It's time to vote for the AROS game of the year, 2014.

cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 9 years ago
Last year, the AROS game list had a bunch of shooters. This year, the games seem to be more about puzzles. Here is a closer look at the choices for the 2014 game of the year.

Jedi Academy: Jedi Outcast:
I haven't played Jedi Academy for a while. I remember I had to raise the stack and and lower the texture setting, so it would run okay on my machine.

Imo, this game is much better than last year's shooters. The story helps to give the game character. But using the light saber was awkward for me. I guess I'll never be a jedi.

I haven't tried Jedi Outcast yet, but I'll bet it has similar action. So if you like Jedi Academy, consider Jedi Outcast too.

First, I had to create a folder before unpacking this, there does not seem to be a default directory for the files.

After double-clicking on the game, it asked for a file (Mammoth.srt) which is not one of the mountain slopes available. So instead, I had to execute one of the three scripts from the shell. Still the game couldn't find some files. When I checked the directory, the files were there, but had an underline in the name instead of a space. So I had to rename lots of files to get the game to work.

I kept crashing my snow board at first, but after awhile I could work my way down the slope and even do some flips. But so far, I still haven't made a complete run.

Got only about 16 fps with my gf6250, using the default settings, but it seemed to be smooth enough.

TailTale is a block positioning game. You have to clear at least four blocks in a row. And more rows of blocks are added as you play. It starts out a little slow, but gets more hectic as you go along.

It has a strong Japanese flavor to it. I have no idea what the anime scenes have to do with the game, but they are cool in their own way. I guess I'll have to get farther into the game to find the answer.

The game has occasional sound hiccups and I had a freeze-up, so it might be a good idea to raise the stack.

This game has a sense of humor and does not take itself too seriously. No one would normally think of household vehicles as race cars.

Unfortunately I could not give the game a good workout, because I had no one around to try out the 'multi' part of the game. Up to 4 players can race. It seems like it would be a good laugh with a few players, especially when racing through some narrow spaces.

Too bad there is no computer opponent or network play. But there is a ghost player so that a single player can try to beat his previous time.

The game had a good frame rate, and did not seem to slow down, at least in single player mode. Although the graphics are not spectacular, they are not bad either.

A maze game, where you have to unblock passages to get the keys to the level exit.

First off, I got a stack out of range error. So I had to raise the stack before playing.

Then I tried to use fullscreen in native mode, but the game had corrupt graphics. So I tried fullscreen again using Vesa, the graphics were good, but then I had mouse problems, until I changed the game's resolution.

But in window mode there were no graphics or mouse issues, it played well and looked very polished. I recommend this one if you are into maze type puzzle games.

This is a puzzle game where you have to clear all the tiles, while moving from one safe area to another, and before you run out of time. The first levels are very simple, but get tough quickly.

Like any of the Sqrz series, quick reflex action is needed to get very far. There are so many ways to die in this jump and run game. Perhaps, someday I'll make it through a level. You can find this game is in the Icaros distro :)

I am not a big fan of pixelated graphics, and these voxel games takes pixels to the extreme. Otoh, I am a big fan of retro chip tunes. Wow that sound is nice.

This is a 3d-ish variation of the Arkanoid game. After a brick breaks, you can collect the voxel fragments for more power. You have a power flame to help break bricks too. VoxelNoid has commercial quality graphics and sound.

Voxel Bird:
This game is similar to the flappy bird game, with very professional graphics and sounds. So all Aros flappy birds should take a peep.

Gnat's Tetris Machine:
I am happy to see that one of my ports is being considered this year. But to be honest, it doesn't compare well to some of the other contenders.

It's not bad for a Tetris Clone, so if you're into Tetris, have a go, it's in the Icaros distro.

At last a Hollywood program that has the Hollywood libs included. No need to install anything.

This game is a mock quiz show that tests your knowledge of Amiga Triva. It would be more interesting to me, if there was some background information that explains the correct answer, when you miss a question. Also, it seems very text oriented, so more Amiga related images would be welcome. And more topics would be cool too. How's your C64 IQ?

I kept getting error messages at first. It's likely that I did not have Hollywood, or one of its components installed correctly.

But finally, somehow it started. The graphics looked ok, but for some reason the keyboard did not work if I chose to see the intro. So I skipped the intro. Now how to play?

Move arrows left and right to move your cave ship to a station, or to catch a parachute with supplies. If the station has a red arrow you can build a ladder to the spider web with the space bar. Spiders are dropping things that tear down ladders and can destroy your ship. You can use the up key to protect yourself with a flame. And if your ladder is complete, you can use the 'b' key which shoots a beam that collects the spider eggs. Collect enough eggs and you're off to the next level.

SpiderCave is a typical shareware game. Hollywood seems to be inspiring a new crop of coders.

If you haven't tried some of these, I hope a game or two seemed interesting to you. Which will be your 2014 game of the year?
cavemannSoftware Dev
Posted 9 years ago
The votes are in. And I am not surprised this year, since the winner seems obvious. Still, as a puzzle fanatic, I was hoping Berusky would find a place.

Hopefully we will have plenty of games again this year :)

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