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New Version of PortablE?

Last updated on 3 months ago
Hi Chris,

When will a new version of PortablE be released? I recall a statement of a WIP version (Revision 7?) somewhere but I can't find it. Any news?

I wasn't able to find something solid called r7, but i managed to find [url=http://aros-exec.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=87805#forumpost87805]this[/url] when r6 was active. So one could imagine that the specific statement was concerning r7 (but i'm guessing here).

It seems to me that Chris made a lot improvements (based upon improvements made in responses to user specific questions). I hope things succeed.
Ahhh that's it! Thanks Magorium.

What's the best editor with intellisense for E Language or PortablE?
...that's a tough cookie :)

if you are looking for such editor on amiganoid platform, best guess would be VIM (and extend it with code-completion module) ? Or perhaps frex has support for code completion (i honestly don't know, but since the thing is so highly configurable).

On other platforms you have several options available... but the hardest part there, would be to find one that supports amiga-E/portablE.

Usually i end up using SciTe, as it is small easy and simple to setup. Also here the api reference (for amigaE/portablE) would have to be manually added in order to let the completion work...

If i was you, i would settle for an editor which at the most has the capability for highlighting properly ;)

On the other hand, it's never wrong to set your aiming standard high :D

In case there is an amiganoid intellisense editor somewhere, i would be interrested...
I think I found what I am looking for..


Starting from version 2.6.3 it supports PortablE Syntax Highlighting:
True. i use annotate myself for such things.

but.. erm.. intellisense is also known as code completion, not syntax highlighting B) at least so does [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intellisense]wikipedia tells me[/url].

I am not sure annotate has portablE syntax included by default, but clusteruk wrote something about it on on aros-exec forums (and has a file on his website if not mistaken) as well as in the archives (or perhaps i am mistaken and it is available on aminet).

In anyway, if you get stuck then just give a sign and don't forget Chris' compilation helper that makes it easier to compile portablE from within annotate.
You are absolutely right! It only has syntax highlighting. Better than nothing I guess lol. Would you happen to know the links to "compilation helper" and/or ClusterUK's files?
Look around at this board :D

i know, i know. i'm teasing...

[url=http://arosworld.org/news.php?readmore=222]here[/url] is the news message on aw and [url=http://aros-exec.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=76363#forumpost76363]here[/url] the post on ae.
AHh really cool!! Thanks Magorium. I should pay better attention to the news on this site :P

Now I just need to fix my HP Mini 1000 with AspireOS and fiddle with PortablE for a change.
Ouch. AspireOS is really showing its age these days (although it is a nice distro). In any case, you'll probably find an older annotate installed on that (if even).

I had to search a little harder for clusters solution. [url=http://www.imica.net/SitePortalPage.aspx?siteid=1&cfid=0&did=252]Here[/url] you should be able to find the syntax-file as well as the setpencolor utility he used. [url=http://aros-exec.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?viewmode=flat&type=&topic_id=7089&forum=2]Here[/url] is the thread on that coloring business.

In case things are not working out, especially the coloring, then feel free to attack me :o

A newer, more logical input/output/usage version of setpencolor is available, but i currently lack motivation to write the proper documentation so that i can upload the complete package to the archives :/

PS: i really must have been smokin' something weird or something. I just realized that cluster wrote about lua syntax-highlighting, not portablE. :( Probably also why i had a hard time locating it :@

My apologies for the mix-up.
Hey no problem ;) I am just glad that there is such thing as AnnPEGCC + Syntax Highlighting for PE.

As for the AROS distro, I have tried so many darn times to install icarosdesktop and ending in a different failure each time on a USB drive that I gave up. AspireOS installed smoothly and no problems.

Plus icarosdesktop keeps crashing, locks-up, too many times. I have yet to try the latest version because I have been unsuccessful on installing it.
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