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UHC Tools

UHC Tools
UHC Tools is a collection of scripts and utilities written over the past decade or so. There are a few scripts and utilities which might be of benefit. UHC Tools works on AmigaOS 3.x, MorphOS, AmigaOS4 and AROS and even detects what you're running and downloads binaries compiled for the correct OS. Not everything works on AROS due to their ARexx implementation. 

A complete list of everything that is included can be found here.

The most noteworthy utilities are the following:

aget - A http-download-utility, similiar to wget or curl but very fast and simple to use.

SynergyClient - A Synergy Client, allows you to control your Amigas mouse and Keyboard from a computer running a Synergy server

Search-scripts - A collection of scripts to allow for easy searching, downloading and extraction of files from various repositories such as Aminet, whdLoad.de, whdownload.com and more.

Some AROS specific commands for AROS Archives:
arosextract - Downloads and extracts a file from AROS Archives.
arosget - Downloads a file from AROS Archives.
arosreadme - Downloads a readme-file from AROS Archives and displays it.
arosrecent - Displays recent AROS Archives files.
arossearch - Searches AROS Archives for files.

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