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Max Specs

Last updated on 8 years ago
Is there a maximum amount of RAM AROS can use? Would 8GB be pointless?

What about harddrives, are there partition size limits?

I did a quick google for these things but came up empty, so I thought I'd just ask.

As you might be aware there are some restrictions to 32-bit systems (although there are some tricks to circumvent them), but in general and in particular for AROS (32-bit at least) it is restricted to 4GB of memory.

Concerning harddrives, this depends on the filesystem being used. If i remember correctly sfs is capable of a maximum size of 127 (or was it 128) GB.
Okay. I'll stick to 4GB then, at least it will save me ~$20 !

I looked into 64-bit AROS, but it looks as if, driver wise, that's just not happening :(
you are correct trans.

64 bit is not happening for 'normal' (ABIv0) AROS. so that would be a problem to begin with. All (released) software is ABIv0.

Also please note that even if you are able to stick in 4GB that AROS probably 'misses' the last 1GB because of 31-bit restriction.

thank you for your posts btw. See PM for more details.

Also bear in mind that AROS is only capable of handling files up to 4GB of size - Unless it has been changed in the last few months, which then I stand corrected!
I even believe it is actually 2gb hard_wired.

If not mistaken that is because of the same 1 bit that is needed for returning a negative value if a dos-api-call fails.
Only time I managed to go Out Of Memory on aros was when I started OWB with only 128MB RAM.. Anything above 512MB is quite enough for everday use,
1GB is what I recommend, 2GB doesnt hurt.. anything more is probably a waste (on a dedicated AROS box at least, not on a dual boot system)


hean8209 wrote:
... anything more is probably a waste (on a dedicated AROS box at least, not on a dual boot system)

I really love my ram: disk, it's so quiet and fast ;)
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